Services / Systems
MicroMac have many years' experience in writing custom computer systems, and are able to apply this experience in the design and development of browser-based applications for the internet and intranets.

MicroMac have written a wide range of bespoke systems for both manufacturing and service industries, from simple systems based on third party components and scripting languages, to machine control programs that address the lowest level computing processes. We have written systems for individuals and small companies, as well as systems for large organisations, like BP and BAE Systems.

These systems have been developed using a variety of programming languages, including C, Assembly language and Visual Basic. More recent systems have been developed using C#, the new Microsoft language designed specifically for the .NET Framework . Historically, the choice of language has been dictated by the requirements of the job, but with its massive Class library and Common Type System, the .NET Framework treats all of the supported .NET lanaguages in a consistent way.

MicroMac's Repair and Overhual system was developed using a combination of Visual Basic and browser-based technologies like Active Server Pages and ActiveX documents. All current developments use ASP.NET - the .NET Framework implementation of ASP - and Dynamic HTML to create responsive web-based applications which require no client software other than Internet Explorer. These systems require less maintenance cost than traditional desktop applications, and can be deployed by simply publishing a link from an internal web site to the application URL.

MicroMac have substantial experience in using relational databases. As an Oracle Partner, we have built our major systems over the last two years using Oracle. However, MicroMac also have experience of SQL Server, Informix, Access, Paradox, Dbase, Foxbase, and low-level ISAM's including Btrieve and Codebase. We have implemented multi-user real-time database systems, distributed database systems supporting mobile laptop users, and database applications to support web sites hosted by MicroMac.

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