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The MicroMac DNC Machine Tool system, DigiMac, provides a web-based interface for managing DNC machine programs, and for downloading the control programs to networked DNC machines.

MicroMac were given the requirement to convert a DOS-based system that used a Btrieve database for managing DNC machine programs and a Windows desktop application for machine communication, to an integrated, web-based application that used a SQL Server database. With wide experience in both relational databases and in engineering environments, MicroMac were able to implement the system within timescale and budget using the latest Microsoft.NET programming language, C#.

To minimise the training requirements in a busy Production environment, the DigiMac user interface was developed to emulate the operation of the original DOS system. As well as preserving the appearance of the old system, special attention was given in the design to reproduce the responsiveness of the original DOS application. These decisions meant that the system gained quick user acceptance, while delivering the benefits of a modern application architecture.

DNC machine communication is achieved in DigiMac by transferring data to and from DNC machines over a standard TCP/IP network. DNC machines are connected to the network using a network port, a small device which provides a TCP/IP to Serial interface. The network port is attached to the DNC machine using a serial port connection and attached to the network using a standard ethernet connection. The network port manages the transfer of data between the network, the device buffer and the DNC machine.

With the integrated system, when a program is loaded to a DNC machine, the program history in the SQL Server database is automatically updated to reflect the latest load details. DigiMac provides functions to manage the DNC program header details, import and register new programs and export existing details. The DNC machine details are also managed through DigiMac, to allow serial port settings to be configured to meet the requirements of individual machines.

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DNC Machine Program Details