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The MicroMac Repair and Overhaul system is a modular, web-based application which has been designed to support all of the major requirements of the aviation repair and overhaul industry.

The main modules of the MicroMac Repair and Overhaul system are summarised below:-

Sales Quotation
The Sales Quotation module is used to manage customer enquiries and create quotations for work. Enquiry details are entered in the application, and historical quotations can be retrieved for comparision or as the basis of a quotation. The enquiry details are output to a Word document, which allows the customer to control the formatting and layout of the quotation document.

Sales Orders
Sales orders can be created manually or generated from an earlier quotation, and an acknowledgement produced from a Word template document in the same way as the Sales Enquiry system. The Sales Orders can be queried from the application and a report generated based on the current work in progress, although the built-in reports can be augmented with Crystal reports that report directly from the Oracle database.

The Sales Order module is linked to a Part Master file, which ensures that parts form part of the approved capability list and that appropriate Certificate of Conformance documents are raised for the repaired part. Certificate of Conformance documents are raised from the Sales Order system and can be printed directly to a laser printer, or formatted for CAA part-set stationery.

Job Card Manager
When a sales order is raised a job number is automatically created, which becomes the principal identifier for tracking the job through the workshop. Multiple job numbers can be raised to support the overhaul of a complex part, but all of the job numbers are linked to the top job number and a particular item line on a Sales Order.

Each job number has an associated job card, which contains instructions for the repair of an assembly or a component. The Job Card Manager is integrated with Microsoft Word, which allows existing job card documentation to be used for generating bar-coded job cards. The operation details for a job card are stored in the database and can be edited as the basis of a new job card.

Bill of Materials
The MicroMac Repair and Overhaul system provides the ability to create a master Bill of Materials, as well as a Bill of Materials for a particular job. The master Bill of Materials describes the exact structure of an assembly with reference to a aircraft manual and provides the information for a Bill of Materials for a particular job.

The Job Bill of Materials provides the same multi-level expansion of a part as the master Bill of Materials, but provides the facility to enter information, like the Serial number, stock manufacturing code or condition of each item in the survey. The Job Bill of Materials is also integrated with the Job Card Manager, so that individual line items can be easily associated with a unique job card.

Time Booking and Job Tracking
The Time Booking module is a web-based system which manages attendance information and time booked to jobs. A job card contains bar-coded operations and operator or process time is booked to these operations. A number of functions are available to manage time bookings, including booking on multiple operations, cancellations and adjustment and the facility to close a job or operation and complete any open bookings.

The Job Tracking module provides a extremely flexible way of checking on the progress of a job. The module provides a complete web-based expansion of a Sales Order item, through job number, operation, down to the actual time booked to a job. Job Tracking is integrated with MicroMac Filter Manager which allows jobs to be located using a wide selection of database fields and standard SQL operators.

Purchasing and Stock
The Purchase Order and Stock modules provide functions to support most common purchasing and stock requirements, like managing vendor information, raising Purchase Orders and Goods Received Notes (GRN), issuing stock to jobs and returning materials to stores. The Stock system allows Part numbers to be expanded to show GRNs and stock movements against GRNs. Both the Stock and Purchase Order modules provide flexible ways of locating information using the MicroMac Filter Manager.

Job Costing
The Job Costing module is a graphical, interactive utility for analysing the cost of work for a part number. The Job Costing module displays a scatterplot of job costs with summary figures for the part number, and job figures for each point on the graph. Individual points can be excluded from the analysis or expanded to link directly to a Job Tracking explosion of the job number. A report showing details of the analysis can be printed from the application.

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Job Card Manager

Job Tracking

Job Costing