Services / Consultancy
MicroMac provide consultancy services at all stages of a software project, from defining a clear set of requirements, through to the design, coding, testing, deployment and integration of a new system.

MicroMac have many years' experience in designing and creating bespoke computer systems on time and within budget. A successful project relies on a number of factors, but an accurate definition of the business problem lays the foundation for the design and programming work. Mistakes made at this stage in a project are typically the most expensive to correct. MicroMac staff are able to provide the knowledge and expertise to identify core business needs, and to specify requirements accurately and at an appropriate level of detail.

A well designed software project has a number of important characteristics, which require a thorough knowledge of the business, the available technologies and the trade-offs between competing objectives. MicroMac provide a complete design service at any level of abstration, from the scope of an entire system or sub-system, to lower levels of software organisation such as components and classes.

The definition and organisation of database tables requires careful consideration to provide efficient storage and retrieval and to maintain the integrity of the data. MicroMac can assist in the design of the database schema, as well as the specification of mapping rules for importing or linking to legacy data. We have many years' experience of relational database, including Oracle and SQL Server, and are a registered Oracle Partner.

MicroMac provide programming help at a daily rate, or provide quotations for programming work based on a written specification. We can assist with higher level programming activities on a consultancy basis, for example, in setting coding policies or standards, designing classes, re-factoring code or creating specifications for programming work. We are also able to assist with formal code inspections, investigate specific areas of concern, or provide alternative strategies in dealing with programming problems.

MicroMac can assist in the management of a software project on a consultancy basis, or provide a full project planning and management service. Project planning covers the estimation and scheduling of the project, the allocation of staff and project resources, and the management requirements and features; setting up appropriate tracking controls such as task lists, status meetings and technical reviews ensures that a software project meets its time, cost and quality targets.